[LOL] Complete Ezreal build guide season 11 for beginners

League of Legends: Our Ezreal build guide season 11 below breaks down for you how to effectively and quickly build this champion. Read the article below for more details!

You may already know that Ezreal has an impressive speed of skill, but its ability will manifest most strongly when placed in the right place with the same way to build items, gems, and a combination of auxiliary spells. Here's how to build Ezreal season 11 to make your hero the strongest.

Complete Ezreal build guide season 11

Ezreal's position

General Ezreal can be either a bot lane or mid AD carry with a Shocked Ez Mid. Sometimes, it also comes with an Ez jungle that collects darkness.‍

The Jade Board Ezreal

The "thief" gem has been removed, so the "conquer" gem fits very well in the Ezreal table. With a combination of skill and normal shooting, Ezreal will accumulate extremely fast conquest points and cause heavy damage when fighting.

The intellectual presence will help this champion solve energy-related problems due to too much skill exhaust. The bloodsucking legend will help the guy recover, and the grace slash will help Ezreal deal with weak targets.

In the sub-branch, you choose biscuits for the ability to stay and leave the universe to help this champion cold faster.

This hero possesses 100% directional ability, and it will become more powerful if combined with basic attacks with precise skill usage. Therefore, the jade table will be extremely effective if you arrange it intelligently and with purpose.

How to build Ezreal

  • Starting item: Tear of the goddess and potion
  • Mythical equipment: The Three Matches Sword
  • Essential Equipment: The Manamune Sword, the Rage Shoe, and the Three Combination Sword
  • Shoes: Rage shoes and magician shoes
  • 6 complete items: Manamune Sword, Lonia Enlightenment Shoe, Triple Swords, Mirror of Unknown, Dance of Death, Sheryla

Summoner Ezreal

Speed ​​has two advantages: Attack and escape.

  • Heal is also a necessary summoner spell. Because after activating healing, you and your allies will gain 30% movement speed. This spike is required for scams, or you want to put your whole team in a team fight.
  • Teleportation buffs aren't that bad either, as they can help Ezreal get back into the lane quickly for faster gear. Sometimes, it also helps you to coordinate with your team to fight.

Strengths & Weaknesses Ezreal


  • High maneuverability and a good long-range mustache.
  • Maybe even Ezreal AD and Ezreal AP.
  • Strength is markedly improved in the mid and late game.
  • Deals both physical and magical damage.


  • Requires players to have skillful skill and precision because Ezreal's main move is mainly skill orientation.
  • Weak early game

Ezreal skill sheet

Order of skill upgrades

Ezreal players need to know 2 skills Ezreal AD and Ezreal AP.

‍Skill 1: Ezreal AD max Q - E - W

First, Ezreal maximizes Mystery Shoot (Q) to benefit from taking minions from afar and pulling enemy health. After that, use the Ancient Teleport (E) skill to level up by 2, and when placed by level 13 will maximize this skill. Finally, use the Essence of Flux to raise 1 point at level 4.

Skill 2: Ezreal AP max Q - E - W

Q only gains 1 point to get minions easier, so W prioritizes. Because this skill can deal strong damage in a long line, use skill E because it has 75% ability increase ability stat.

Countering Ezreal

It is very difficult to counter Ezreal, but if you know its strengths and weaknesses, you can completely fight this position:

  • Put on crowd control and damage when he uses E because he will be annoyed when someone confronts.
  • Stand behind the soldiers to dodge the Mystery Shoots.
  • His ultimate is capable of wide area damage, so don't stand near narrow terrain.
  • Ezreal is a pretty fragile champion, weak, and has no crowd control skills, so focusing on destroying your win is very high.
  • The counter champions of Ezreal can be mentioned as Ashe, Jinx, Twitch, Sivir, Vayne.


Above are all about Ezreal build guide season 11. You can refer to your hero to maximize his potential and help you win the battles. We hope you can build and use Ezreal effectively to get the best results in your matches.