[LOL] Complete Senna build guide season 11 for beginners

League of Legends: Our Senna build guide season 11 below will definitely be able to help you understand her each skill. Thereby, you can build Sena efficiently and quickly.

Senna season 11 brings the power of a hero and a demon with her super large gun. She is an AD but can play in the Support position, so she has a certain versatility. The rate of fire is quite slow, but every shot is to knock down the opponent immediately. So, as long as you have a suitable strategy, Senna will reveal all of her strong abilities. Here's our full Senna build guide season 11.

How to build Senna season 11

Senna build guide season 11: Senna's position

With her gun and the ability to shoot, Senna is suitable for ADC or Support positions. Therefore, when arranging the position, remember to put your warrior in the right place to unleash her full strength.

Senna Jade Board

Senna SP

Table Magic Senna - Summons Aerie - Band of energy - enhances strength - burns.

Support Senna - high win rate

See the treacherous Senna - the new Redeemer full of ways to dress up Aphelion season 11, the most powerful Twilight warrior.

Senna AD

Senna - Speedy footsteps

Senna AD - Gathering Darkness

ISLAND Senna - Collect darkness.

Senna build guide season 11: How to build Senna

Similar to many other ADCs, Senna AD began dressing up with the Doran sword and potion. She is only active when she itemizes in the direction of Lethality and Crit.

To increase the damage done for each shot, you should build Lethal items first. Also, the lighter the soul becomes, the higher Senna's criticality will be.

Sword Draktharr gives 60SMCK and 10% cooldown reduction at 21 lethalities. Therefore, when combined with the ability "Curse of Black Mist," it will cause huge damage. This weapon can increase from 30 - 150 damage more. Besides, someone who is hit by this technique will be slowed by 99% for 0.25 seconds. This is an opportunity to defeat an opponent in a short time.

Senna can also use the Manamune SMCK 250 Mana to provide her Mana. However, to own this item is required the first time, you have to experience some discomfort.

Silver shoes reduce the slowing effects by 25%, so you must consider and consider carefully before using them.

Senna Summoner Spell

For each different position, Senna has different summoner spells. Specifically, this girl will speed up and heal when she is AD but speed up and exhausted when in the role of Support.

Senna Strengths & Weaknesses


  • The ability to damage is terrible and will increase gradually with level.
  • Attacks have a fairly high Crit ratio.
  • It can be controlled broadly, rooted in many targets thanks to Limit.
  • Able to help himself and his teammates in disguise well
  • Create armor to protect allies
  • Get rich quickly thanks to money from soldiers and souls
  • There are many skills of binding and leaking


  • As a girl, she is also quite fragile and frail
  • Slow to catch up with enemies or escape when in danger
  • Difficult to control the crowd, evaporate if caught.
  • Not choosing a good position, it seems helpless when playing team fights.

Senna skill sheet

Senna has three skills: Q - W - E. Each skill plays an important role, and you need to have an appropriate strategy to maximize your skills.

  • Darkness penetrating (Q) is a long attack, quick cooldown, and is considered the most important ability of Senna. It can poke the opponent's blood and heal itself significantly.
  • Binding (W) is Senna's binding skill and is essential in exchanging moves with the opponent.
  • Curse of the Mist (E) comes in handy in split shot situations but doesn't reduce cooldown, so just take 1 point at level 3 and max at the end.
  • Curse of the Mist (E) Very useful in split-shot situations, but much boost does not reduce cooldown, so it only needs 1 point at level 3 and maxes at the end.
  • The Illuminator Strike (R) is Senna's level.

Passive - Liberation

Senna's original weapon has a slow rate of fire but a high damage ability. Besides, Senna can expand her attack range when AD AND Crit Rate absorb Mist or ghosts are summoned from enemy corpses.

Piercing Darkness (Q)

She can shoot energy beams that heal allies and deal damage to opponents. Thanks to basic attacks, Darkness Piercing's cooldown is reduced.

Constraint (W)

Senna orders Mist to attack the first enemies it encounters, damaging and destroying the surrounding enemies and enemies.

Black Mist Curse (E)

Senna season 11 dissolves into mist, increasing movement speed and allowing herself and her teammates to disguise themselves as Specter. As a result, Specters are not targeted until they either attack or are approached by an opponent.

Shining Darkness (R)

Senna shoots a massive wave of energy across the entire map. Meanwhile, allies within the range will be protected by armor, and enemies will be damaged.

Senna build guide season 11: How to counter Senna

To effectively counter Senna you should choose champions with the following characteristics:

  • When going on the road with this girl, you should choose the generals with long hands, long-range to easily exchange skills.
  • Hero Sp has a high level of resistance to increase the ability of tankers to have a team.
  • Agile champions can approach targets quickly so that when approaching Senna, it is easy to take down.
  • The generals have strong crowd control skills because Senna is still very fragile.
  • When playing, you can choose champions like Alistar, Blitzcrank, Lissandra, Morgana, Zyra.


When you comprehend Senna better, know her strengths and weaknesses, where her abilities are good, you just need to put the right people in the right position. At that time, Senna will bring many great victories. Hope the above Senna build guide season 11 will help you and Senna stay together for a longer time.