Minecraft house ideas: The most creative and effective ways

Building a house in Minecraft is very interesting. However, designing a game is not easy. So, we suggest 13 Minecraft house ideas to help you quickly own a beautiful place to stop as you like. Choose a home building style that suits you!

Top 13 Minecraft house ideas

Minecraft modern house

Minecraft modern house

If you love something modern, flashy, then a Minecraft house will be a great choice for you. The materials you need to prepare are stone, slab, and clay to create the frame. Finally, the glass is the right size to make the windows of the house both beautiful and generous. A modern house is indispensable for a large balcony, where the cool breezes are welcome every early morning.

To have such a dream home, the search for materials and construction time is also much longer. Therefore, besides the thoughtful preparation, you need to devote dedication and perseverance to the end. After a period of hard work, you will enjoy worthy results.

Minecraft mansion

A Minecraft villa will bring a lavish space that includes both comfort and modernity. You will relax by the pool with a cool cocktail. Will have the opportunity to sit on the first-class royal chairs.

It's not the most complicated design out there, so it only takes 45 minutes to complete. After setting up the framework, the rest will be a lot simpler. Elegant or rustic all comes down to the arrangement of your ideas.

Cool Minecraft houses

The cool house can be a modern house with lots of ventilation or swimming pools around. We encourage you to build a large villa with many glass doors and awnings. Besides, a swimming pool is indispensable. If you want your house to be as cool as possible, the more pools, the better. You can also place them around the house to give the island feel of relaxation.

Minecraft cottage

A small house with a friendly and lovely design. This house style is quite small in size, and you will put all the highlights on its decoration. Diamonds can be attached so that it stands out to sparkle in the sun. Or in the surrounding flowers so that it appears like a mystery in the fairy garden. And there are many more styles that you can apply to your small home.

Minecraft survival house

This home is more than just your home. Rather, it is a safety shield to keep you away from lurking dangers. Therefore, in addition to being beautiful, you need to arrange defensive traps.

These defensive devices must be subtly disguised as a normal ornament or in places that are not noticed. That way, they can pass the eye of someone and do a good job of protecting you.

Minecraft treehouse

Minecraft treehouse

A treehouse is a unique idea not for people with dizziness. Also, the house will avoid the vines that appear at night. In this way, you no longer have to repair each time they damage your shield. Besides, this design is ideal for you to admire everything from above and convenient to shoot arrows at mob Minecraft.

You can take advantage of the treetops as your shelter or build a house on that tree. You are free to create as you want, but make sure the stump is always firm. Besides that, a monthly bridge is very necessary, or else you will stay on the tree forever.

Minecraft medieval house

Medieval houses vary greatly in their shapes, sizes, and materials. You can create a solid Minecraft castle out of pebbles that look like a mysterious cave. Or a rustic oak house that stands out among the lush green trees.

With non-stop creativity, you can combine the above 2 to create a majestic castle but very warm by simple wooden rooms. Compared to other ideas, this design is quite a time saver.

Minecraft mountain house

If you are bored with the boring plain, you can move your house to the mountain. The Minecraft house on the mountain is wild and close to nature. Here, you can create bungalows hiding in the woods or take advantage of large old trees to turn them into your home.

Moreover, building a house here is also much simpler because the materials that make up your idea are plentiful and varied. And the mountain houses do not take too much time.

Minecraft wooden house

You can create your bungalow with wooden panels as large or as small as you like. You want a magnificent mansion or a cozy cabin. Collect materials and make ideas come true.

The advantage of a chalet is that it is easy to renovate. You just need to add wooden bars to create a new work more attractive.

Minecraft mushroom house

Minecraft mushroom house

If the house-shaped designs are too casual and boring, you then try a mushroom castle. Let your imagination fly and create a mushroom to your liking. It could be a dwarf fungus, a colorful poisonous mushroom, or simply an ordinary mushroom. Surely using this idea, your house will stand out the most in Minecraft.

Minecraft farmhouse

A small square farm stands out thanks to its modular design or simply an idyllic campus, a peaceful, cozy place with lovely pets. You can choose 1 of 2 or give yourself another good idea except for these designs.

Minecraft beach house

For beach lovers, a house near the beach is too perfect. You can watch the sunset and dawn every day, occasionally release your soul with the wind to hear interesting waves. Therefore, living here is relaxing.

You have many home-style options, such as a pure hut or a luxury 3-story villa with a relaxing pool at the end of the day. Whatever the design, you should still aim for simplicity to easily find materials and build fast. We have a recommendation for you to use the traps as a decorative item. It is both beautiful and protective.

Minecraft villager house

You may want an idyllic country house with a few small rooms, a large garden to plant trees and care for pets. It will be very peaceful and comfortable after a day of hard exploration.

With this simple design, the material is easy to find, and construction time is also quite fast. However, if you want it to stand out more, let's blow your bold ideas in

Hobbit house Minecraft

One interesting suggestion for you is to create a world like your favorite book or movie - A house like a hobbit. Tiny rooms for dwarves, everything is tiny and very lovely. The bigger your imagination, the bold and expensive ideas will be born, and that is the moment you create the masterpiece.


After a tense journey with fearsome enemies, going home must be a wonderful thing. Therefore, designing a house in Minecraft helps you satisfy your passion for creativity and creates a resting space for useful medicine. If you want to create a unique shield but do not know what to do, you can apply 13 Minecraft house ideas above.